We have tried to provide you with a simple step by step guide to using the basic functions of our online platform.

Each time a guest makes a booking you will receive a notification advising you of the booking and asking you to log in to your secure Dashboard to retreive the Booking Record and confirm the booking.

Each time a booking is received your inventory will be updated accordingly to prevent over booking. This happens for cancellations too.

At the time of your specified Release Date - your hotel is automatically removed from our list of available hotels. You can now actually specify a time and date for release of rooms if it helps.

Release dates can be extended - just let us know the new details & your hotel will be listed once again.

Upon confirmation of each booking you (and the Guest) will receive a further notification & our system Booking Records update accordingly and show their updated status.

We hope that you will enjoy using our upgraded system but please don't hesite to get in touch if we can help further or with any suggestions for additional Knowledgbase sections.

And don't forget if you require the return of any of your rooms on inventory before the release date - just email us with a  request and our system will be updated immediately we make the changes.

Please click on the navigation tabs below to open the relevant section.

How Can We Help

Just get in touch by email or by calling: 01722 742603 or using your main destination booking service telephone number shown on all Allocation Requsts

Visit Website

Please visit the website URL provided to you with your Username & Password.

This is the "public" website which allows for log in by Hotel Users and Guests who have decided to register for an account, giving them access to all their bookings.

Guests who decide not to register can make a booking as a Guest very easily.

Please remember that each website will appear differently as it has been designed for your individual destination - the above image is just an illustration

Log In to Dashboard

Enter the Username & Password supplied to you by seperate email.

This will take you to the System Dashboard for your hotel.

Select " Dashboard" from the dropdown navigation options

Your Dashboard provides you with important information  to enable you to retreive Booking Records and check how much inventory you have remaining.

Please avoid using IE as your browser as we have had a number of reports of problems arising from this particular browser.

If you cannot log in then please discuss with your IT Department as they may need to adjust your Firewall settings.

Dashboard Options

The Dashboard is your own secure place to use in a number of ways:

1. Check your inventory by event to see what has been booked and any rooms that remain. This is available by event and room type.

2. Check the bookings received and confirm them online.

3. You can filter the Booking Records by event and export the list as a CSV file to use as a rooming list, to pass to colleagues or to help prepare your own internal reports.

Confirm bookings received

To confirm any bookings check those showing as " Reserved" on the Dashboard.

Simply click on the "eye" icon to open the complete Booking Record.

This will give you access to all of the guest details to enable you to enter into your own internal system including guest contact information and credit card information.

Please confirm each booking by adding your own unique Confirmation Number to the relevant box by clicking on " Confirm Booking"

All confirmed bookings will then be displayed in a different colour.

You can see the various progress of bookings by using the top menu bar which shows:
All | Confirmed | Reserved | Cancelled

Please confirm bookings within 48 hours of notification. We will send a reminder if any are overdue.

Completing Allocation Requests

Each time that we are notified of new events we will send out a new Allocation Request for you to complete.

This allows you to confirm which room type, price for single occupancy together with an supplements. We also request how many of each room type you are offering for us to sell.

You will be asked to confirm the release date and acceptance of our agreed commission rates.

If you have any individual room types please complete the relevant sections on the form and advise details.

Once completed please "submit" your response and we will update your data and advertise your property.

Please remember that you can change your allocation at anytime by simply emailing us with your revisions.

If there have been no room bookings for your hotel then you are also able to amend your prices - again by simply emailing us with your changes.

Any cancellations will be notified and the room inventory returned to our system.

Once the release date has been reached or your entire inventory has been sold - your property will no longer be displayed.

This can of course be updated with additional inventory or a later release date - just get in touch!


Each time an action occurs then you will recive a Notification.
A copy of this will also be sent automatically to the Guest/Booker and us as Admin.

These include the following:
- Guest books a room
- You confirm a booking
- Guest cancels a booking
- Any change to the original booking

Notications will provide you with the basic information together with any message or comment from guests.

Please remember that these notifications are just to advise you that an action has taken place.

All data is updated and displayed on your Dashboard to keep you up to date.

Online hotel reservation management made easy

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